Pico de Orizaba

Without a doubt, Pico (5,630 m) is the hardest and most impressive of the mexican volcanoes, it’s also the one that demands the most; Pico is the highest peak in Mexico, the third highest peak in North America and the second most prominent volcanic peak in the world.

Pico de Orizaba from the south. Note the massive topographic prominence.

The climbing is very strenuous, and due to the logistics of the trip and the absence of a hut in the middle, the climb is made in one big, long push. Starting at 4,270 m (in Piedra Grande hut) and ending at almost 5,700m, which means speed and stamina are of the essence. It is much harder and committing than Izta.

Pico from the south hut.

It is at least a three day trip, like Izta it can be climbed almost any time of year, but it’s best to go in winter. Unless you have proper mountaineering experience you should climb Izta first to acquire the necessary skills and get acclimatized.

All prices are in american dollars, and for groups larger than 5 there are two guides and a BIG van. We can arrange a pick up for a reasonable fee, otherwise we depart from metro taxqueña, close to the south bus station. Gear includes an ice axe and strap-on crampons.  Transport for Pico is very expensive because of the need to hire a 4wd vehicle to get us and the supplies to the Piedra Grande hut.

# of people Services (per person) Transport (per person) Gear (per person)
1 – 2 200 usd 150 usd 35 usd
3 – 5 180 usd 130 usd 35 usd
6 – 10 150 usd 110 usd 35 usd

See the gear list for Pico.

The view from Pico at dawn, notice the absence of everything, Pico is massive.

Pico from gmaps:

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All photographs and video by Everardo Barojas.