Nevado de Toluca

Often overlooked, Nevado de Toluca is a beautiful volcano and regardless of the training value it has as another 4,000 peak prior to Pico or Izta (which is significant), it is one of the most impressive and accessible volcanoes in México.

Overall, its a fun outing, the altitude effects are much less than on izta and the views are impressive, which make for an ideal day trip with a unique character.

Nevado de Toluca, view from the first summit.

Nevado is only about 4,700 m, but it’s not just a walk up, there is some scrambling to be done and you are actually traversing the whole ridge. Even though nevado actually means snow clad, it is only very seldom that you find snow, and even when you do, no more than a good pair of boots is needed, (ie: no crampons or ice axe).

Milja & Tim scrambling a wee bit.

We only need a day for Nevado, starting very early in the morning (around 06:00 hrs) and usually getting back before the sun sets.

All prices are in american dollars, and for groups larger than 5 there are two guides and a BIG van. We can arrange a pick up for a reasonable fee, otherwise we depart from metro taxqueña, close to the south bus station.

# of people Services (per person) Transport (total)
1 – 2 70 usd 200 usd
3 – 5 60 usd 200 usd
6 – 10 50 usd 400 usd

See the gear list for Nevado.

On a clear day, the main summit of Nevado is nothing shot of impressive.

Nevado on gmaps:

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All photographs and video by Everardo Barojas.